What others say

Atradius | Australia

Over a period of several months, Marleen rolled out a health and well-being program to our 70 staff in Australia. Her professionalism, insight and knowledge was second to none.
What I genuinely appreciated was her interest in the well being of staff, her advise and willingness to help everyone that approached her.
I would be delighted to work with Marleen again.
Anthony Rasera
Regional HR Manager
Atradius Asia Pacific

Achmea | Australia

Marleen Veldhuis is a household name in The Netherlands and in the global world of swimming. As Achmea Australia we were very happy to have her at our end-of-year company retreat as a key note speaker. She had the entire audience captivated with the stories of her races and the meticulous preparation that goes into them. The parallels with business success are obvious and make it very worthwhile from a motivational perspective.
Timo van Voorden
Chief executive officer
Achmea Australia

Heineken | The Netherlands

Marleen played a role during our Management Development program. Her speech had a great effect on the group and can be described as very energetic, motivational and inspiring.

She comes across as a sympathetic person with a good sense of humour. The way she shares her journey to the Olympics 2012 is very honest and pure and shows the human side of being an Olympic hero.

Esther Jörg
Talent Manager / MD Advisor
HEINEKEN the Netherlands

Tattersalls Club | Sydney

Marleen Veldhuis had members of Tattersalls Club spellbound as she described her journey from water polo player to an elite swimmer who only began competing when in her mid twenties.  

It was obvious to everyone in the room that this presentation was more than just 'another Olympian's story'. This was a journey that was inspirational - it had listeners alerted to those moments in their own lives that had propelled them forward and kept them going. Achievements and the glory that surrounds them, turn out not to be end points but beginnings. 

Ewen McDonald
Tattersalls club Sydney

Veldhoen & Company Pty | Australia

As a team we all benefited hugely from Marleen’s facilitation to create our personal insights about managing our energy household, and consequently being able to perform even better in the near future. With the help of her personal anecdotes, great questions and exercises we all got so much more aware about our unhealthy habits and created quite some desire to change them into more healthy patterns.

Gijs Nooteboom
Managing Partner Veldhoen & Company Pty, Australia

Loulaki Blue

Marleen's story is truly inspirational! The journey to the pinnacle of sport at the Olympics, not once but three times, is captivating. Marleen's ability to add another layer to her presentation by draw parallels between her sporting achievements and her academic and business experience make her presentation exceptionally engaging and compelling for any corporate audience looking to explore what it takes to perform at an elite level.

The feedback we received from our audience of HR and communication specialists was incredibly positive..."Marleen was fantastic. Truly inspirational!", "I learned a lot from Marleen's presentation" and "Good presentation that provoked useful personal reflection". I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Marleen as an inspiring speaker who can provide real insights that are applicable to us all in our personal, as well as business, lives.

Deborah Cox
General manager
Loulaki Blue, Australia