Spending 10 years in a top sports environment gave me important insights in achieving top performance. The top 3 lessons are:

  1. Focus: set a goal and focus on the goal. My goal was to swim as fast as possible to the other end of the pool. If something wouldn't make me get faster to the other end, I wouldn't do it. For example tv interviews didn't make me swim faster so I didn't to them.
  2. Get a coach: Feedback is food for champions. Feedback on your performance is crucial to improve.
  3. Work hard and rest hard: Improve by working/training hard, but resting is just as important. When you rest, your body has time to restore and it will become stronger. Taking a pitt stop, taking a lunch break, walking around in the office for 2 minutes all have the same effect: after the break your body and mind are refreshed and more productive.

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